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The Players on this CD

1. Out Of The Fire(Baker/Gnader)

Sarah Baker- Vox, Piano

Mona Gnader- Bass

Gary Silva- Drums

Volker Strifler- Electric Guitar

Allen Sudduth- Acoustic Guitar

Mike Emerson- Organ

Dallas Craft, Gailene Elliott, Nancy Pritchard, Paul Riley, Doug Jayne, Steve Barbieri, Allen Sudduth, Rick Cutler- Background Vox


2.  One Day at a Time- (Strifler)

Volker Strifler- Acoustic Guitar, Vox

Gary Silva- Congas

Chip Roland- Wurlitzer

Carl Bowers- Bass

Allen Sudduth- Percussion

Jason Reed- Percussion                                                               

Sarah Baker- Background Vox


3.  Lean On Me (Withers)

Levi Lloyd- Electric Guitar, Vox

Volker Strifler- Electric Guitar

Willy Jordan- Drums

Mona Gnader- Bass

Sarah Baker- Clavinet

Willard Blackwell- Harmony Vox

Dallas Craft, Steve Barbieri- Bkgrnd Vox


4.  You Are Not Alone (Tweedy)

Sarah Baker- Electric Piano, Vox

Volker Strifler- All Guitars

Mona Gnader- Bass

Gary Silva- Drums


5.  Start All Over Again (Sorrentino)

Danny Sorrentino- Acoustic Guitar, Vox

Steve Barbieri- Electric Guitar, Bkgrnd Vox

Mona Gnader- Bass

Gary Silva- Drums

Allen Sudduth- Dobro


6.  Best Things in Life (Campbell)

Johnny Campbell- Electric Guitar, Vox

Vic Carberry- Drums

Mark “Mooka” Rennick- Bass

Allen Sudduth- Guitar

Sarah Baker- Piano

Glenn Sullivan- Trumpet

Rick “Froggy” Clifford- Tenor, Bari Saxes

Dallas Craft, Steve Barbieri-  Bkgrnd Vox


7.  Place Called Home- (Jayne, Sudduth)

Doug Jayne- Acoustic Guitar, Vox

Sam Page- Bass

Dan Ransford- Drums

Sarah Baker- Piano

Allen Sudduth- Electric Slide Guitar

Allegra Broughton, Sarah Baker- Bkgrnd Vox


8.  Reach Out Touch A Hand


Willy Jordan- Drums, Vox

Mona Gnader- Bass

Sarah Baker- Electric Piano

Volker Strifler- Electric Guitar

Levi Lloyd- Electric Guitar

Rick “Froggy” Clifford- Sax


9.  Marching On- (Shola)

Eki Shola- Keyboards, Vox

Lena Oneson-  Hand Percussion,

Melted Forks From the Fire


10.  Home- (Bonoff)

Allegra Broughton- Acoustic Guitar, Vox

Sam Page- Bass

Sarah Baker- Piano

Allen Sudduth- Guitar

Vic Carberry- Drums

Mike Emerson- Organ

Al Garth- Tenor Sax

The Fire Choir-

Allegra Broughton, Steve Barbieri, Dallas Craft, Rick Cutler, Jennie Nourse, Sam Page, Nancy Pritchard, Paul Riley, Michael Rofkar, Roger Volz


11.  Jam N’ See 

(Kimock, Sears, Sylvester, Anton)

Steve Kimock- Electric Guitar

Greg Anton- Drums

Robin Sylvester- Bass

Pete Sears- Piano



“Out Of The Fire”

Recorded and Mixed at

Prairie Sun Recording Studios


Executive Producers-

Mark “Mooka” Rennick & “Fatty” Eddy


Produced By-

Sarah Baker, Mark “Mooka” Rennick,

Allan Sudduth


Engineered by-

Mark “Mooka” Rennick, Allan Sudduth,

Tim Gennert, Jason Reed, Nate Nauseda, Travis Strain, Jon Seiller


Mastered By-

Gavin Lurssen & Reuben Cohen at

Lurssen Mastering w/special thanks to Studio Manager Nikki Nieves


Cover Art-

Stanley Mouse @


Website & Graphic Design-

Tim Gennert


Piano Tuning-

Bob Stanley Piano Services


Technical Support-

Shawn Green



William Adams, Majlaw Group



Jay Klein



Zosima Harrison & Cosmos Harrison


Special Shout out to:

Brad Lunde & the TransAudio Group

who moved mountains for Studio A