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         The catastrophic fires of October 2017 in Sonoma County and the surrounding areas devastated our community.  Thousands of homes and business were obliterated and the lives of many people were impacted forever.  In the aftermath it seemed that no one was left untouched.  People shared their tales and comforted one another as almost every person we came in contact with had either been directly affected or was close to at least one family that had lost everything.

        With no precedent for how to cope with such an all-encompassing disaster #sonomastrong was born and slowly our community began the process of healing and rebuilding- and grieving.  At Prairie Sun we began to hear of one extended family member who had lost everything, then another and another.  At some point the emotion and desire to play a positive role in this surreal story reached a critical mass and shortly thereafter a small hive of activity began to take shape in Studio B.

         Before long the owner, his staff, musicians, engineers, singers, songwriters and a myriad of other familiar faces with a wide variety of skills were putting in long hours in a labor of love that has culminated in a fine group of songs that we intend to release as a benefit album for fire victims who lost their prized instruments.

            Our mission from here forward is to align ourselves with one or several well organized non-profit organizations preferably in the immediate area to help us distribute and market the album, help in the organization of various public outreaches to get the word out such as an event at Prairie Sun, radio and live concert performances and a comprehensive attempt to make it available on the world wide web.  In conjunction with some press releases we hope to sell as many copies of the album as possible as well as solicit donations from benefactors to help see the project to fruition.

         With proper guidance from an established non-profit to help navigate the potential tax issues and making sure the distribution of funds is above board and goes into the hands it is intended to, we are hopeful that the result of this labor of love will be a positive, healing contribution to the emotional health of post-fire Sonoma county as well as a real, tangible contribution to restoring the ability of some of our diverse professional musicians to perform, create and earn a living doing what they were born to do.

          We can only do so much but history has taught us that music, when manifested at the highest levels, has a power all it’s own to crawl through the wires and seep out of the speakers of home stereos, car stereos, radios, tv’s, live concert sound systems, pa’s, store stereos and every other imaginable way music gets delivered to its listeners.  When it all comes together with a touch of serendipity music can truly become magic with powers far beyond our ability to foresee.  It is our hope that others in the community will unite with us and help us do all we can to see this music become a magic spell that spreads healing to all.